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The importance of balancing the Five Elements and Their Effects on Your Body & Emotions (Case Study)

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Introduction: The Five Elements


Linked Organs:

The kidneys and bladder

Representation: energy at rest or floating.

More than 70% of your body is made of. Water, it is essential to the process of Life.

It's associated with the potential for growth. It's the life force that we are born with, which becomes depleted over our lifetime. It's source of life-force and will,

In traditional Chinese meditation, it's called 'essence' .

If you have kidney or bladder issues, you need to compensate or balance the water element.

So harmony in the water element results in strong willpower and endurance, whereas disharmony manifests as fear, which may inhibit growth (for example fear of making a decision or taking action on an issue). We can draw on wisdom and the confidence of inner knowing to overcome our fears.


The liver and gall bladder are linked with the wood element, in which energy is rising, like sap in the spring. In harmony, the liver is linked to motivation and the gall bladder to decisiveness and action, but disharmony leads to anger and frustration. Kindness to ourselves and to others is the best antidote to anger.


Four ‘organs’ are linked to the fire element: the heart, small intestines, pericardium (or heart protector) and the triple heater. The triple heater is not related to an actual organ, but represents the processing of food and waste in the upper, middle and lower regions of the body. The fire element represents energy expanding, the peak of activity and the season summer. It is associated with consciousness, and harmony in this element is expressed as sensitivity, love and joy, disharmony as being ‘on edge’, with insomnia and in more extreme cases as manic behaviour. Peace and orderliness help calm excitable heart energy.


The spleen and stomach are the earth organs and represent energy descending, as in late summer. The spleen is associated with thought and transforming ideas into action, also with empathy. Harmony in the earth element results in good concentration and analytical skills as well as compassion. In disharmony it results in overthinking, anxiety and becoming stuck. As Kenneth Cohen explains in his book Qigong: the art and science of Chinese energy healing “We are pensive when we are preoccupied with ourselves; we are overly empathic when we are preoccupied with others.” Trust and acceptance can help counter anxiety and over-empathizing to bring balance in the earth elements.

Metal The lungs and large intestines fall within the metal element and represent energy meeting (a balance between activity and rest). The related season is autumn. Metal is associated with the corporeal soul and our ability to take in and to let go. Harmony in this element leads to optimism and a childlike ability to live in the moment, disharmony to sorrow. Lung energy can be rebalanced by integrity and dignity. I love how the five element theory links emotions to nature, and although I don't hold rigidly to it, I use it as a framework for exploring how I feel and what is going on around me. I hope that you have found this explanation interesting and that you get as much pleasure from this theory as I do.

How the Five Elements Adjustment Energy Session Works:

  1. You'll be sitting or laying down at a comfortable position

  2. I'll guide you through calmness and relaxation meditation to bring your body to a relaxed state, and to bring your Awareness to your body and to the present moment

  3. I'll guide you to say a prayer and intention with me for your balance, cleansing, and healing.

  4. I'll Call upon the elements, one by one.

  5. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Air/Ether. You'll be observing when this element is being shown to you where it is located in your body, which organs, which areas, what is it trying to do for you.

  6. And you'll ask the element, what is it saying to you?

  7. After knowing clearly what it's saying to you, or showing to you, I'll Call upon the element to make the adjustments and corrections needed in your body, mind, emotions, and your soul.

  8. Allow the elements to make the adjustments for you.

  9. I'll ask and initiate each of the element to balance with the previously called upon elements, to co-create a harmonious energy field for your body and mind. Allow few minutes for each element to work on you, and we'll ask for another element while the previous element is doing its work for you.

10. Download Lessons from Your Higher Self :

location: above head, descending as white light integrating into the entire body

action: I'll direct you to ask your Higher Self to download any lessons that need learnt for you right now so to not have to repeat the same negative patterns in your emotions, thinking, or your body.

Your Higher Self will start downloading these lessons to you within a few minutes, may continue until after our session is finished.

11. Higher Self Integrations:

Then I'll guide you to ask your Higher Self to integrate with you, so you can live as your Highest Ideal Self, fully aligned in your Divine Aspect, and aligning your body, mind, and emotions with the highest Light.

12. Closing prayers and Sanctification:

We thank the Lord for this process of reintegration, and healing, we humbly pray for His continued guidance, and alignments. All the earths are created by the Lord Almighty, we give thanks to the Lord, for the five elements, and we give thanks to the Five elements - whom are all aspects of the created body of the Lord our God.

For the highest good for all mankind, we ask that this individual (yourself) can become completely realigned, readjusted, and freed from all limitations and errors and sins of the ego self, and to live as an embodiment of their Higher Self.

13. Closing Thanks

With hands in prayer mudra, in front of our hearts, closing our eyes, we say:

Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat

And So It Is.

So Hum.

We bow the the Lord in our hearts.

Then closes of the healing session.

For the highest good for all mankind, we ask that this individual (yourself) can become completely realigned, readjusted, and freed from all limitations and errors and sins of the ego self, and to live as an embodiment of their Higher Self.

Book a elemental healing session with me:


My Client Case Study

Jan 29th, 2023


location: heart and stomach

Message: want you to take a shower, wash clean the heart and the stomach


location: all

Visual: saw mold, and wetness, transmuted into healing and health


location: in the palms of your hands

message: it wants to make corrections in the systems


location: on the outer sides of the two eyes, near the temples

message: more calmness in the mind and body


location: light around the body

message: it's trying to lift me up

action: let go, let go, let go. let go of all the fear, doubt, anger, oppression, stuffiness and release, release, release them into the Air/Ether, let the Air/Ether lift you up vibrationally, into the higher atmospheres, and energies.

Patient Condition:

Had tumors detected in his stomach, intestinal tracks, and prostate area. Upon initial consultation, it's detected that the patient may have an excess of Metal element energies of Focus and Direct and imbalance with the Wood energies of Changing, growth, and sprouting; and can use more of the Earth element energies of Stability, Nurturing, and Sustaining to balance out the excessive Metal energies. (In the balance of the Five elements, Metal destroys & controls Wood, Earth nourishes Metal.)

Here's an illustration of the relationship of the Five elements:

Water nourishes & creates Wood, Wood destroys & controls Earth

Wood nourishes & creates Fire, Fire destroys & controls Metal

Fire nourishes & creates Earth, Earth destroys & controls Water

Earth nourishes & creates Metal, Metal destroys & controls Wood

Metal nourishes & creates Water, Water destroys & controls Fire

Consequences of the Imbalanced Elements in the Patient:

On a bodily level, Because the patient had excessive Metal element energies, the Water element is being subdued or destructed, Water element's energies are purification, cleansing of the emotions, supplies nutritions, and flush away toxins in the body, and the Emotions.If the Water element is suppressed or obstructed, the patient can experience toxin negative emotions build up, and not able to freely let them go. The body can feel malnourished no matter how much the patient eats. These are in fact symptoms of the patient's body. The negative emotions, energies, and toxins had led to the detection of the illness he had.

On an emotional level, the patient can seem too direct, too focused on what should be, or wish to be, and void contentment of the present, lack of nurturance for what is. This indeed was showing up at the patient's emotional states repeatedly which affected his overall balance in this body, emotions, and chakras. His personal relationships was effected greatly by this also, because he can come off as sharp, cold, and harsh, and less of nurturance.

Observations of Results:

During the session, the patient immediately felt the visuals, the messages, and the working of each element, and after the session, the patient remained laying for 5 minutes more for relaxation and adjustments to complete. Patient's energy was much higher, better, and symptoms of stress is relieved, patient had a wonderful smile on his face at the end, and after resting for 5 minutes more, he went to the bathroom and had a release of bowls few times in few minutes.

Other lessons patient have learnt: to hold in heart the best for all, by whatever temporary mood you are in, due to lack of sleep or else. To remain in the intent for the Higher Self beyond persuasion and erosion. Treat yourself with upmost resespect and dignity, mercy, and praise, in humility, giving thanks to Source and Savior, for all pardon and instruction, grace, and forgiveness.

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