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The Eight Elements Energy Healing with I AM Presence

Healing with Elements that created the physical world and our bodies is an ancient practice from all the important spiritual and medical traditions. I will guide you into relaxation and Hypnosis, and then I will initiate the energies of each of the elements to start working with you in the way that best balances your overall well being. You may receive mental images, and messages from each element energy on what may be lacking, or in excess of in your body, your mind, and your emotions, and how you should adjust your attitudes, or lifestyle in order to balance the elements in your body. Then each of the element will begin doing energy transmission and adjustment to your body, and your energies. They will also work with the other elements to achieve total balance in your mind and body. You will experience balance, peace, cleansing at physical, emotional and mental levels, and may experience rapid healing.

This healing method has helped my clients to release immediately the toxins in the body, after the session they experience immediate elevation of vibrations and energies, and improvements on their symptoms. They also became aware of the negative patterns of thinking and behaviors that have influenced their health and lives negatively, so that they can make the right adjustments in their mental and physical lives to not repeat the problems that were present.

Some information about Five-Elements:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine text we know that the body is made of five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Air. In Ancient Buddhist texts we know there are six elements that comprise of all living entities: āpodhātu, the water element; tejodhātu, the fire element; vāyodhātu, the wind element, ākāsadhātu, the space element; viññāṇadhātu, the consciousness element.

It is explained how any one of the elements in excess or in lack could cause the body and the mind to malfunction. Hence why looking into elemental energy states in the body can help understand illnesses in the physical or emotional states, and to balance the elements are very important for creating a healthy bodily environment that can assist with healing and wellbeing in the physical and emotional states.

Why Eight Elements with I AM Presence?

The Eight Elements Energy Healing is an energetic adjustment session dealing with the eight essential elements that make up a human existence or experience possible:

Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Air (Wind), Ether (Space), Consciousness (The Soul).

And I AM Presence is the Source of all elements, and consciousness, it is God (The Supreme Self).

Consciousness comes from God. God is root of consciousness. God is the omniscient I AM in all living things. God is the Creator, the All-knowing. So too, consciousness is the essence and source of each of our experiencing and knowing. It is the first part of our understanding, is that I AM.

To understand your body, and your emotions through the Elements, you will be able to understand better the Creative nature of God, and the fundamental building blocks of the world as we know it.

Our body cannot exist without any of these eight elements, and we cannot exist without consciousness - God.

Therefore to work with the elements under the supervision and awareness of your God Consciousness, we are working with the fundamental building blocks of Creation - The Created, and Creative aspect of the Lord.

This session can work very efficiently on bodily, emotional, and spiritual issues simply by intention, prayers, and allowing, potentially receiving profound adjustments for total bodily, mental and emotional wellness.

No prior spiritual experience required. I'll be conducting the session by setting up a strong energy field of Pure God Consciousness to assist you with opening, understanding and receiving, and the elements each have their Divine Consciousness to intelligently work on you.

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