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Ciritcal World - The Lord's Love and Mercy in the Simulated World

The lives and world we live in are like projected video games that the Lord our Creator has created.

Think of it as the simulation of duality:

Good versus bad. Strong versus weak. Right versus wrong. Darkness versus Light. The unreality versus the reality.

We were created by God in His image, and being embodied into this world we call life we often forgot how we got here, and why we are in such duality and conflict.

The Lord has a plan when He descebded His own self into the countless souls such as yours and mine to inherit His Glorious designs

We didn't choose to be created

We simply were, or even more accurate, we simply are

The Creator knows that

And He knows in this world of duality many of us are going to find it hard to find our way back to Him, to our Home, to Oneness

But that's the purpose of the Original Duality of This and That, of Me and You, of Here and There

Through contrast, we may know what we are not and what we are.

If we never knew darkness how do we know light, in an experiential manner.

The point is not to blame ourselves in these catastrophies that may or may not have been cause by our direct past actions and attitudes. The point is to understand our own individual choices ro incarnate as a soul and to explore the experiences of darkness, ignorance, and lostness. In order to "realize", or to "make real of" what we already Know - that we are Love, Light, and God.

Without experiencing it and make it real or ourselves as conscious beings, we only know what we know as Divine Self Awareness, but not knowing it by Experience, and consciousness need to expand through experiences.

So our decision to come here and explore the conficting dualistic conditions, and going through the ends to ends lessons again and again for ourselves to truly experience our essence - to get lost and get found again!

God is the designer of all the worlds including this one we call our lives, God created us with His own essence, life, and light. He knows each one of us and what we must learn as a soul. He sent us here to get lost, and therefore is the most understanding of our mistakes and trials. There's not such a thing as mistake from the higher sense at the soul's journey, it's all parts of the experiences of what you are not in order to know again what you are!

So punishment and guilt is only a level of understanding closer to the human's dominant consciousness at the moment, they may see God as punitive, the world's catastrophies are cruel, and life is not safe, etc. etc.

But when a human being moves out of the guilt and shame and blame energies, into the higher states of love, understanding, and mercy, they would experience a different God, a God who is infinitely loving towards us.

And that is closer to the essence of our God, He created us, knows us, and understands us, and He is the first to cheer and console for us when we do remember that He is there for us, and that this journey is your soul's journey to return to Him again!

Think like this:

A creator who created a video game.

And the creator also created many players with His consciousness.

And the games have many characters played by these players.

If you're playing a video game, would you say you are the characters? Or you are just playing the characters?

If you get stuck with any level, what do you do?

You seek help from the Creator of the game who knows the game's each level, and can give you guidance.

Or if you're really stuck, He even has golden tickets available to help those who call for help, and to take them out of a level and put into the next.

This is the way our Creator wants a relationship with us, that's based on love, trust, and supoort.

You yourselves are not these characters in this game. You yourselves are sitting outside this world of manifestations playing these characters that we call you and me, going through levels and challenges. And when we are stuck, we don't have to die again and again and be born again and again just o be stuck again. We can call the help from the Creator of the "game" - this world and all things living in it, and be taken by Him to the next levels, trauma-freely, easily, and gracefully.

This explains why we should take our lives with a lighter and brighter perspective, to not take the ego characters' emotions, desires, and sense of individualism too seriously.

We can certainly have more light in any situation, and have access to the Creator for assistance.

We can lessen the condemnation, judgement, and prosecution we constantly place on ourselves and on others.

It's not easy to be in a world of duality to begin with. To make it out alive, whatever we had done, right or wrong, are all lessons for our learning, but we are not these right or wrongs, we are not these victims perpetuator. We are with the Lord, free.

We play a character, and it dies, we go on to the next worlds, and when time is right, we play another character, the story begins again.

Until we find ourselves truly, until we remember our Origin not by knowledge, but by experience.

Until we know the love and mercy of our the Lord, our Creator, and our Beloved, truly.

We will be going Home as spirits, and be taken out of this "video game"s incarnation cycles getting lost in these characters we play and identify with temporarily, and we can be Ourselves finally!!!

Oh My Heavily One

May Your Little Ones Know Your Glory

And Be Lifted out of the Miseries

And Be Received Back by Your Heavenly Embrace

To Be Home completely, finally, as Free as Thee in Eternity!


Thank Thee Lord for Creating Me, and For these Memories of Thee, and for Helping Me to return to Thee!!


Om Tat Sat!

And So It Is!

-Full body prostration towards the Lord- for our own peace and sanity


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