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Awaken as Your True Self and Heal Deeply

Live a Successful and Fulfilling Life

with the Power of Reprogramming Your Subconscious

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Hi, I'm Natasia - Jin Wen Shen

I'm internationally board-certified hypnotherapist and a meditation teacher, energy healer, and sound therapist. I also provide 12th Dimensional Energy Healing, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and Spiritual Life Coach. I'm also a Soul-Song Musician!

I'm a Divine Channel of Love & Light assisting those who are ready for Accelerated Personal Evolution. I help individuals find their way to realize their True Self or Highest Self and arrive at Lasting Healing, Peace and Happiness.

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I will meet you on an hourly basis, to offer customized sessions of my best healing modalities, by monitoring your progress on an on-going basis. 

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The Truth Shall Set You Free”

By working with me will potentially provide you with these benefits:

Better Health

Positive Emotions

Attract More Money, Increase, and Abundance

Better Creativity

Living Your Life's Purpose

More Self Confidence and Higher Self Esteem

Wholesome Relationships

Awareness of  Your Thought, Feeling, and Behaviour Patterns

Insights into Your Subconscious

Mastery over Mind-Body Coherence

Integration with Your Divine Self

Subscribe to receive my free audio meditations, service updates, training programs, meditation and music releases! 

Many Blessings!

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                          I Am Enough

                       I Am Beautiful

I Am Loved

             I Am Worthy

These are the most important subconscious beliefs that many people in today's society is missing. In order to find true emotional and physical wellbeing you must look into the subconscious blocks that tells you you are not enough, not beautiful, not loved, or not worthy and change these beliefs from a subconscious level.

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Most people experience lack of

 Self Love    Self Esteem

            Self Compassion 

   Self  Awareness & Forgiveness

There's no better place to find these qualities than from your self. 

It's time to come back to Your True Self  

and Heal on all levels!

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By rewiring your deep subconscious limiting beliefs, you are allowing the false ego, and root of troubles to fall apart from you, so that healing and freedom can begin.

Hypnotherapy works in accuracy and speed by cutting through the layers of programmings and directly working with the roots, saves you endless sufferings, time, and money.

You've been suffering from the same emotional, or physical issues for so many years, and have tried many traditional medicines, therapies, and self healing, but still haven't found the problem being completely removed. This is because traditional talk therapies work can take many months or years to take effects, and often having dealt only with symptoms and upper layers of the mind.


Hypnotherapy works directly with the root issues that are "hidden" in your over-ruling subconscious mind, and can resolve your symptoms much faster. My clients see visible improvements in their conditions usually in 1-3 sessions. 

Because you've had enough of the same old struggles, you are ready for a MASSIVE, Noticeable Change that can Finally Set You Free.

By working with me, I can help you using Hypnosis to go into a deep state of Self Awareness similar to a Deep Meditational state in the Theta brainwave,  and you'll be discovering deep hidden Truths and "Secrets" to the Recurring Emotional Issues or Physical Health Issues that your mind and body keep regenerate. By having CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the WHY you can then converse with your Inner Self and Your Inner Child and reprogram your subconscious mind's conditions and wirings.


Under the guidance from my  advanced Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy techniques, you will swiftly discover the Root Cause and be guided through specific techniques to resolve any negative beliefs, resolving any unresolved past conflicts, and facilitate your self understanding and forgiveness.


As a way to deep your cleaning of old programmings and states of feelings, I use Powerful mental Visualization and Energy Meditations that will assist you with deeply clearing any negative emotions and energies that still has been effecting you in your mind and body. 

Unlike traditional therapies and Western medicines that work with the symptoms, I work to provide solutions help to resolve my client's mental, emotional, and physical sufferings as quickly as possible. I also hold the deep compassion and passion to help individuals like yourself to claim back your True Self Worth, Self Acceptance, and Self Love. Because I believe when you are in a healthy state of mind, with more positive emotions, you create a positive life-supportive environment and energetic support for your body do its regular cleaning, clearing, and repairing. I believe through evidence in my self healing, and my clients' healing that deep happiness with yourself is the source of true health.  

If you are ready for this massive break-through you've searched for, if you are ready to fully understand, uncover, and learn about yourself, your illnesses, and reclaim your self-healing power by unconditionally love and accept your self from the deepest level, then Book a Call with me today.

Are you suffering from chronic illnesses that you had not find a solution for through traditional therapies?

Are you suffering from "terminal illnesses" that traditional medicines told you there is no cure?

You may want to look deeper within you to find the answers.

Allowing yourself to feel more love and let the body respond with self-healing. 

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The body responds to the beliefs in your mind, the is commonly known in the field of body-mind medicine and spirituality. By changing limiting beliefs in your subconscious programming that send signals to your body to manifest any disease or illness, you are removing the blocks for the natural healing and recovery abilities in the body, therefore you will experience:

- Better immunity due to improved feelings of trust in the mind and body, and deep sense of safety

- Feel More Health and Energy because there's less negativity in the mind and body, so the systems can return to their optimal states of health and wellness

- Notice Reduced or Completely Removed Symptoms of Illnesses, this often can be experienced rather evidently by identifying and resolving the root cause during hypnotherapy

- Cure terminal illnesses, including cancer is possible, because by removing the self hatred in the subconscious mind, the body had stopped attacking itself due to the built up emotions of self-hatred and guilt 

- Facilitate accelerated healing because the positive emotions are now creating a more harmonious physical and energetic environment for the body to detoxify, recover and repair quickly

- Experience more youthfulness because the body can now breathe in more light and let go of more negativity

- Easier to let go of unhealthy eating or other habits due to higher self esteem

- Easier to reach desired weight due to better self image and subconscious programmings


The benefits can go on and on depending on your unique conditions and abilities. My clients have experienced strategic, caring and precise guidance from my during sessions to move through this process of discovery and healing very smoothly, and they can gracefully let go of what no longer serves their good, and change their habits of thinking or reacting in the mind and body.

Raise Your Confidence and Self Love, 

Increase Your Attraction for Money and Abundance! 

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By identifying what subconscious beliefs you hold that created your money and abundance blocks:

- You will have High Self Esteem​

- You will feel more Powerful and more Energetic

- You will feel more Trust in Yourself and Your Abilities

- You can resolve problems or overcome challenges with more positive attitudes

- New opportunities will start showing up for you reflecting your higher sense of self esteem

- Luck will start flowing your way by identifying with your Better Self

- You will have Opened Self Expressions including Opened Voice

- You will be More Motivated to make necessary improvements on your self and on your life

- Your Creativity will Flow Better

- Your abundance will increase, you will attract more money and more opportunities

- You will experience more Success in life

- You will be able to bring our your True Potentials and Use it to Make Your Dreams Possible

Is your voice feeling shut down?

Do you hold back your truth due to fear of punishments?

Have you suffered from narcissistic abuse from a partner or a parent?

Do you find yourself still suffering from hiding your voice or feeling unheard or not seen?

Do you find it's hard to listen to intuitions? 

Do you find that you are dissociated from your heart's feelings?

Do you feel dissociated from your heart's feelings? 

Find Your Voice Back, Express Your True Self creates the foundation for true happiness

Are you feeling like you need to find your true self again? Are you feeling not enough? 

Do you have problem validating yourself or your own worth?

Do you feel shame about who you are or your body?

Are you tired of the old patterns of thinking or experiences that keeps you constantly in negative emotions?

Is your low self-esteem effecting your choices in life because you find a hard time believing in your worthiness?

Do you find it hard to believe in yourself, so you always choose less than what you deserve?

Do you have issues with setting boundaries in relationships and make choices that make you happy? 

Are you suffering from repeated bad relationship dynamics?

Are you feeling depressed often but don't know why? Do you feel like you could do better with your life, but feeling lack of trust or motivations to achieve your ultimate dreams?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life, because you have had enough of feeling not good enough, insecure, and that you can't deserve more?

Raise Your Self Esteem and Feel Confident

- You will have High Self Esteem

- You will have Better Moods

- You will be more relaxed in general

- You will be more confident to be Yourself

- You will not seek approvals and validations from other people or society

- You will feel more Powerful and more Energetic

- You will feel more Trust in Yourself and Your Abilities

- You will feel Happier in general

- You can resolve problems or overcome challenges with more positive attitudes

- You will enjoy yourself and your life more

- You will have Opened Self Expressions including Opened Voice

- You will be More Motivated to make necessary improvements on your self and on your life

- Your Creativity will Flow Better

- Your abundance will increase, you will attract more money and more opportunities

- You will experience more Success in life

- You will love yourself more

- You will feel more complete

- You will be able to bring our your True Potentials and Use it to Make Your Dreams Possible


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Your Inner Child is desperately needing You. 

That approval and praise you were seeking from your parent that you never received.

That belief in you that you so wanted from your loved ones that never came through. 

That doubt that still lives in the back of your mind if you are truly lovable. 

That place in your heart that feels so misunderstood, isolated, and lonely.

That sense of safety you lacked in all your relationships, no matter how close you got. 

That lack of happiness and hope in you, that you don't know how to fulfill even with things, relationships, accomplishments, attachments, even spiritually. 

That deep belief that things will never work out, or happiness will never stay with you. 

That desperate cry deep within you for validation, love, and support, but always comes out in the wrong way to your partner as anger, aggression, or resentment, because you are too afraid to be abandoned, or too used to not having the unconditional love you need.


If any of these relate to you, your inner child is desperately needing you. 

This is why working with Your Inner Child to make he or she truly happy again is one of the Most Important Part of Our Hypnotherapy Sessions.

The Subconscious was formed between time when you were born until about 7 years old. It soaks up information just like a sponge. Your subconscious formed a foundation of your preset beliefs and perceptions based on the people around you, the music you listened to, and the TV shows and movies you watched.


In order to truly transform how you see your self and how to see the world, working with your Inner Child is necessary. What you soaked in from that traumatic experience 20,30,40 years ago still are "screaming" inside you Today. Even if you have forgotten what had happened, and what trauma had occurred in your mental, emotional, or physical bodies. It is only possible through hypnotherapy for you to access your subconscious mind, to help you finally break free from the consequences of these damaging beliefs or reactivities. 

By healing your Inner Child's feelings of Not loved, Not Enough, Not safe, Not Capable, or Feelings of Abandonment, You can help your Adult Self in these ways:

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- Increased Self Esteem

- More Emotional Balance

- Happier in General

- Grounded and Balanced

- Feeling safe in Your Body, in Intimate Relationships and in Life

- Healthier and more Stable Relationships

- Able to Manifest Your Hopes and Dreams

- Able to Live Your Life's Purpose

- Get Your Voice Back

- Heal Your Communications

- Improve Your Relationship and Life Standards

- Have Positive Outlook on Life

- Have Positive Self Talks

- You will be able to be a better lover, a better friend, a better son/daughter, a better father/mother

- You will start to choose healthier and better relationships

- You will hold onto Less Unhealthy Attachments

- You will let go of Unhealthy Addictions

- You will be able to free yourself easily from unhealthy habits or relationship dynamics.