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Advance Spirituality Life Coaching

Know your power and truth, grow a spiritual life, manifest your dreams, be successful and healthy

  • 1 h
  • Online Worldwide

Service Description

During my 20's the feelings of bliss often took over my daily lives while I lived in a very worldly life. As I gradually let go of the ego's dominance and allowed more Divine Grace to lead my life, I had more and more spiritual realizations and big awakenings. I had experienced the first stages of Enlightened Consciousness at the age of 30. What assisted with my pathway of Spirituality was the verifications with the experiences of past Spiritual Masters and Enlightened teachers, and by sincere prayers, intense devotion, and humbly studying the Scriptures. In my early 30's I had gradually become more and more stable in the states of Transcendental Consciousness, and started to emanate a strong Presence of the Spirit, and much lesser and sometimes none of the ego. The lesser the ego the more the soul, I experienced the power of the God Self that came through my healing sessions for myself and for my clients. I experienced an intimate loving relationship with our God, guiding me every day in every way, so I was utterly blessed with increase, higher pay, better job, more freedom, more soul-aligned relationships, and spiritual awakenings every step of the way. My Spiritual abilities had grown rapidly since the awakenings, I began direct Channeling of Divine messages, songs, and energies, and started developing Clairsentient and Clairvoyant abilities. I hold a Pure Awareness state and can transfer Consciousness and Ascension Energies for people in my proximities with or without intending. All these spiritual gifts have assisted my self and my clients greatly. I'm offering my advance spirituality and spiritual life coaching service as following: - I will guide you on how to open up your intuition and listen for Divine messages - I will teach you on how to verify if something, someone, or some event is good for you or not before you engage - I will help you to develop your abilities to channel your own spiritual gifts - I will help you to connect with your Higher Self (Soul Essence) and receive healing, guidance, and clarity - I meet with you regularly and offer you spiritual and psychological perspectives on things, and give you energetic support and therapies when needed - I help you to develop a phenomenally positive mindset, healthy diet, physical health, and emotional balance - I help you clarify your soul lessons and life purposes and assist you in achieving your dreams - Reach the ultimate goal of Enlightenment and Salvation of your soul!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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