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Ascension Support for the Complete Transformations & Upliftments of Your Life, Body, Mind, and Soul!

This is a complete Divine Service to heal & help souls reach Their Final Destination, for people who are ready for complete transformations and resurrection in their body, mind, and soul, for people who are tired of the seemingly endless stress, fear strifes, conflicts, and struggles, sicknesses, and limitations of the ego. I will be working with you through any techniques or subject matters required for you to overcome known and unknown limitations, and challenges. To help you find your true Identity, to help you find back all your Divine Blessings, and Attributes, to live a truly happy, satisfying, and wonderful life that you were created to live. In order to do that, we first must help you to become your True Self again in your God Identity, freed from the ego mind limitations, and finally give your Soul the freedom to shine in this life and beyond! This is the true goal of all religious pathways and the only true purpose of life itself!

This is a long term support for people who seriously want to mend themselves on all levels. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All areas will be touched on in our times together, and to help you move step by step, towards your goals as a Unique Person, and as a Free Soul. All my services you see here will be made available for you ongoingly. I want to see you heal, I want to see you grow, and I'm going to be there for you, with you, through the journey for as long as you need me to be.

  • Complete Transformations & Upliftments for Your Body, Mind, and Soul,...

    1 hr 30 min

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