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I believe in your potential to achieve your dreams, to be healthy, and to live as the empowered, happiest self in a successful and fulfilling life.

It's my mission to assist as many people as possible to achieve their highest potentials as an individual and maximize their happiness and fulfillments in life.

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Natasia Hypnotherapy
Activating Your Total Wellness Through Consciousness Healing & Re-Alignment

Let me help you to become healthier and happier. Using hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy®, guided meditations, and wisdom from Spiritual Life Coaching, I want to help you to discover and heal from the root of your existing blocks or issues, and to create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what challenges you’re facing, be it emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual, I can assist you to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back from your true potential of total health and happiness. 

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious programmings in your mind, to facilitate emotional, mental, and physical healings. My clients experience increased physical and mental health, higher confidence, self esteem, awareness, better relationships, and more clarity in life usually in the first few sessions. I use some of the best hypnotherapy techniques to help you understand root causes of your known issues, and using Rapid Transformational Therapy® to guide you changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs. You'll also be guided through powerful meditations to clear negative energies or blockages. My clients experience rapid healings and long term satisfaction. 

I am also bringing you the important teachings as a meditation teacher and spiritual life coach to help you manage your emotions, health, and life better, and to empower you to make better decisions in every way of your life. My clients experience a warm, caring, and non-judgemental presence during our sessions, and through a high energy field receive important insights about their life and situations or problems, and I assist them with a customized mix of therapeutic techniques that are suitable for each individual, to create accelerated increase in awareness and healing.  I aim to help you to become a conscious creator of your reality, and really live a truly abundant, satisfactory, wonderful, and conscious life.

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Empower Your
Healing & Growth

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By connecting your soul, mind, and body, the past, present, and future in our working sessions, you'll be able to heal deep roots of problems and blockages and release suppressed energies and emotions, to assist your body, emotions, and mind to heal faster, and reach your life goals sooner.

I use the best hypnotherapy techniques to help you understand root causes of your issues, and Rapid Transformational Therapy ® to guide you changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs, then guide you through powerful meditations to clear any negative energies and blockages.

My clients experience rapid healings and long term improvements in their feelings, body and mind, and have visible improvements in their lives in general. I aim to provide total holistic healing by turning on their awareness and facilitate accelerated, and lasting healings and improvements in their life qualities.

I am non-judgemental, caring, and emanate a very  strong, loving energy. My clients feel safe, seen, and heard in my presence and able to really get to work on the deep roots of things that they may have not being able to touch from years of psychotherapy and other forms of treatments.

Whether it is physical pain, emotional pain, bad habits, depression, low self esteem, weight issue, anxiety, relationship problems, or general low energy, I was able to bring transformative results that changed clients' lives under careful guidance and support.  

I am looking forward to helping you too to achieve your optimal health and happiness goals. I'm ready to help you relief any emotional, mental, physical pains and blockages, to bring you back into your optimal state of holistic health so you can live life to the fullest.

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Client Testimonials

"The love and caring allowed me to touch deep spots in my body/mind/spirit which I have not touched despite years of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy...... Natasia facilitated a connection between my soul life and my human life, my soul, my physical body, and my psyche, aligning past, present and future. 

Thank you Natasia, for all the work you have done to make such an amazing experience possible. Blessings for you and all you create in the world." 

Let me help you to

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Maturing as a Soul

Develop inner awareness of your true self - your original being and your essence. Experience self awareness in the loving and caring energy of Home, and get clarity on your life's path and lessons to be learnt.
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Reprogram Your Subconscious

Become aware of your mind's working mechanisms, and understand your subconscious belief systems. Surrender what no longer serves you and build a new positive mindset.
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Return Your Body to Wellness

Induce natural and rapid healing in the body though subconscious reprogramming, guided meditations, and light of Essence.
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Heal your Inner Child,

Free your Adult Self

Under hypnosis, look into your past experiences as a child to fully understand your behaviours as an adult. Heal your inner child, and free your adult self. 
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Receive Ascension Energy Transmissions

Receive the graceful gift of ascension energy transmissions during sessions to enable your graceful transition through any mental, emotional, or physical blockages, and to raise your vibrations and awareness for long-term growth and holistic wellness.
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Merging with Higher Self

Your higher self is your soul essence, the part of you that is eternal and complete. During our sessions, spontaneous merging with your higher self could occur for your benefit of remembering your true essence and facilitate learnings, and receive energetic re-alignments to help you with establishing a spiritualized way of living and seeing things. This Presence is very pure, and very clear, it holds tremendous power for potentials of awareness and healing. 

Book a Session

  • Available Online

    Complete Solution-Based Hypnotherapy resolving Root Cause & install Tr...

    2 hr 30 min

    250 Canadian dollars

Natasia - Jin Wen Shen

Cert. Hyp, RTTP, Sound Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

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More Information

Founded in British Columbia, Canada, Natasia Hypnotherapy offers customized hypnotherapy sessions virtually for clients around the globe, so clients can be comfortably at home and receive the Hypnotherapy care they need. Ready with industry leading techniques to assist you with accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healings and growth to transform you and your life. With a compassionate, and solution-based approach using Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ and advanced guided meditation healing techniques, you can expect exceptional progress in healing, recovery, and growth. I don't just stop at treating existing issues, I continue to support you with on-going expansion and growth in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical lives, focused on your total well-being and helping you to reach your personal and spiritual potentials. Results may vary based on individuals. You'll discover an amazing journey of self discovery and growth, a supportive friendship, a compassionate client-care relationship, and a knowledgeable guide for your unique emotional, mental, or physical therapeutic and growth needs on your journey to holistic recovery and balance in life.

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