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Return to the Original You and remain in that Perfect Love and Happiness...

Let me help you to:

Be freed from your subconscious limits and heal on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels;


Believe something better;


Become a conscious creator of your reality.

Because you are meant to live a deeply fulfilling life;


Because you are meant to thrive.


Because you’re absolutely worth it.

- Natasia, Jin Wen Shen

Natasia Hypnotherapy's Mission

At Natasia Hypnotherapy, we offer one-on-one virtual hypnotherapy services for clients across the globe. Flexible in hours, and tailored for client's unique needs, making the highly effective hypnotherapy techniques available for as many people as possible suitable for their lifestyle. Natasia Hypnotherapy uses fastest hypnosis techniques that clients can do simply at their chairs or couch at home under the guidance of the therapist, making the induction experience effortless and comfortable. Using a complete solution-based hypnotherapy treatment, Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and Neuroscience, to offer fast, effective, and long-lasting results. Clients are guided to access their inner resources and identity root causes of mental, emotional and physical issues, and open the door to long-lasting healing, happiness and growth. You can be assured that the compassionate and personalized approach will offer top quality Hypnotherapy service that will support your holistic healing and well-being!

At some point or another, we look for effective therapeutic approach that are non-intrusive to the body, that generate long-term results, and that can be personalized. In the world of Hypnotherapy, the key to healing and recovery is in your subconscious mind. By unlocking your inner self awareness, unblocking your potentials for health and wellness, you can experience true improvement in the quality of your life. Get ready to evolve, change and realize your full potential under Natasia's professional and compassionate care. Contact Natasia Hypnotherapy and book an appointment today.

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